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Guest accounts are temporary and primarily issued to anyone who want to try the magic of VDI.
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========== VDI GUEST ACCOUNTS ==========

Username: vg-1
Password: Passw0rd

Username: vg-2
Password: Passw0rd

Username: vg-3
Password: Passw0rd

Username: vg-4
Password: Passw0rd

Username: vg-5
Password: Passw0rd

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EndPoint Devices you can use to connect to "Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)"
Zero Client
Thin Client
Client For Android (Any Table / Cell Phone)
Client For iOS (Any iPad)
Client For Windows (Any PC)
Client For MAC (Any Apple Machine)
Client For LINUX / UNIX
Client For Windows Store Table (Windows 8.1 RT, etc..)
HTML (Any Internet Browser )

ATT: Raul
VMware VDI Administrator
(917) 385-4259
New York City U.S.A